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TKW Cargo's Quality Policy

The Management of TKW Cargo (Portugal) Lda, in compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, undertakes to define and develop a Quality Policy, consisting of a set of guidelines and general objectives that determine decision-making in terms of Quality, as well as ensuring the necessary means for this to be assumed at all levels of the company’s organization. For this purpose, it established the following criteria:

  • Progressively increase the satisfaction of its customers through actions at the level of permanent improvement in the provision of services.

  • Increase the satisfaction and development of employees, through the promotion and appreciation of people.

  • Continuously involve all employees of the organization in the Quality Management System in order to progressively improve its performance, as well as streamline the performance of their functions.

  • Maintain and increase as far as technically possible the level of quality of services, as well as the work environment;

  • Provide within the organization a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives, through the monitoring and monitoring of indicators.

  • Continuously improve the Quality Management System in the company in order to keep it organized, implemented, managed and revised in accordance with the Portuguese Standard NP EN ISO 9001.

Policy approved by Management on 03-19-2018